Scrappy Puppy Cockring Black


SCRAPPY is a super squishy silicone Cock Ring that lets you unleash your inner pup while sportin` a stiff beefy bone.

SCRAPPY has a soft rubbery snout and playful tongue lollinout…this bad puppy will bloat your meat and push your balls up n out for a package that will have everyone at your next mosh drooling.

SCRAPPY is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so its stretchy and pliable but still fits your junk nice n snug…perfect for comfort wear and play without pinching or chaffing. Your rock hard cock will be wagging in time with your tail with SCRAPPY wrapped tightly around your drippin` knot…

Size Outside Circumference: 8.5/21.59cm Inside Circumference: (stretches to fit your meat): 5/12.7cm Thickness: .75 – 1 (1.91 cm 2.54 cm)

Lube safe: Water-based(recommended), silicone based, hybrid, oil based.

Cleaning: detergent and hot water, diluted bleach/water solution, dishwasher.

Made in the USA

Pure Platinum Silicone

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