Garment Leather Cockring With Chain Leash


Lead him by the cock with this leather cockring and leash set. The garment leather wide speed snap cockring has an D-ring, letting you clip the 24″ leather and chain leash to it. to gain control of his most sensitive parts. Now you can lead him around, while maximizing and retaining blood flow for a harder, longer lasting erection.

You can also use the D-ring to connect weights so that your sub is further tormented.

Soft sewn 3/4″ wide black garment leather speed snap cockring with red stitching & “D” ring.

The leash is chain and a garment leather handle like the cockring.

Approximate diameter of the cockring is: 1-3/4″ to 2″.

The leash is 24″ long and has a bolt snap hook to attach to the cockring.

Custom size available.

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