Embroidered Iron/Sew on POPPER PIG Patch


Embroidered Iron/Sew on POPPER PIG Patch

Size: 4″(W)x 1-1/2″(H)

Black stitching on white stitched backing.

White stitching on black stitched backing.

Iron-On, Sew-On. It is always recommended to sew on your patch.

How to apply your new patch

Preheat your garment for 5 seconds to remove any wrinkles.
Remove paper backing from patch.
Place the patch on the garment
Place a cover sheet or wax paper over the patch.
Iron with below time and temperature.
Temperature: 330°
Pressure: Medium
Time: 10 seconds

NOTE: Time, temperature and pressure may vary if using an iron instead of a heat press machine.